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CLIENT: Carlisle City Council     VALUE: £290,000     COMPLETION: September 2017     

DURATION: 20 weeks     CONTRACT: NEC 3 Option B


  • Installation of ducting in the footpath for the new traffic lights. Care had to be taken to avoid existing fibre optic cables by hand digging.
  • Night time working.
  • Traffic management to the dual carriageway which involved lane closures and pedestrian temporary walkways.
  • Road crossings for ductwork.
  • Sandstone and Granite paving laid on a high strength proprietary mortar with high strength free flow grout.
  • Road closures were required for the speed table installation. Extensive stakeholder engagement was required for this work as there was no alternative diversion routes.
  • Installation of traffic signals.
  • Street lighting.


  • New service installation cannot always be installed in the desired position due to other apparatus in the footway.
  • Early stakeholder engagement allowed the necessary traffic management road closures to be planned ahead.


  • Contract completed within timescale and budget
  • No accidents
  • Local businesses unaffected by the work
  • Flexible working by In-House surfacing gang minimised nuisance to neighbouring residents

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