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CLIENT: Cumbria County Council    VALUE: £230,000     COMPLETION: September 2019     

DURATION: 12 weeks     CONTRACT: NEC 3


  • Grisedale Lane: Discussions and Negotiations with landowners to obtain legal agreement to access through and work within their land
  • Live site utilised by groups of school children on residential breaks
  • Caravan site
  • Transport of materials to site within specified time periods to minimise disruption
  • Formation of access way through woods and restoration

  • Access platform within river maintaining flow for fish species
  • Noise minimised by lining dumpers with sound deadening materials
  • Tight ‘in-river’ window even tighter when flash floods washed away the temporary platform
  • Rock Anchors tied to anti erosion netting to stabilise top half of slope

To view the work carried out as part of the East Slopes and Carriageways Project, click here.

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