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The works involved the formation of a new vehicle lane out of an existing footpath and the creation of a new footpath.

Existing pedestrian Toucan crossings were removed and new road lighting, signage and road markings were installed.

Works had to be suspended part way through to allow ENW to install a major cable into the BAE site.


  • Maintaining uninterrupted flow of traffic on a busy route through Barrow  
  • Ensuring that businesses were not adversely affected by our works including BAE Systems who were adjacent to the site and required heavy vehicular movement to be accommodated on a regular basis
  • The excavation works took place within a heavily congested services area, services including fibreoptic serving BAE Systems and a 11kVA electric cable. Unknown services were also discovered which had to be accommodated


  • Early discussion with Electricity North West was essential to enable their works to be accommodated and to avoid any abortive works
  • Essential to communicate on a regular basis with major stakeholders such as BAE Systems


  • Contractor local experience of Barrow’s traffic flows and how it can be significantly affected by construction works
  • Scheme administered through proven management system of our specialist Civil Engineering & Highways department.  
  • Flexibility as we were able to accommodate ENW works by suspending our works for a period. This avoided abortive works laying surfacing that would have been removed by ENW for their cable installation, which would not have reflected very well with the public on contractor’s organisation generally.


Final planning , surface course and road markings were undertaken on night time shifts to minimise disruption to traffic flow  


  • No accidents
  • Works completed to revised programme accommodating ENW
  • Minimal disruption to local traffic flow
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