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Following Storm Desmond, the existing bridge had been completely destroyed. Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd were awarded the contract to design and build a new bridge in the centre of Staveley, South Cumbria.

CLIENT: Cumbria County Council    VALUE: £1.1m     COMPLETION: May 2017     

DURATION: 24 weeks    CONTRACT: NEC3 Design and Build


  • Take down existing bridge abutments and rebuild further back to increase the volume beneath the new bridge
  • 80 number drilled Odex Piles with a reinforced concrete pile cap
  • Precast concrete bridge beams
  • New training walls
  • In river works with pollution control measures
  • Hydraulic modelling to ascertain the effect of the new bridge on the confluence with the river Kent

  • Liaising with statutory authorities such as the regional EA office to procure the necessary permits
  • Ecologists employed to carry out wildlife surveys, develop working procedures and monitor the site and carry out fish and Crayfish capture/relocation.
  • Water proofing of bridge deck
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