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Road Lifting

Undertaking flood alleviation works by the raising of the level of the existing Dalton Lane, a busy road connecting the A168 with Dalton and Dalton Business Estate.

CLIENT: North Yorkshire County Council    VALUE: £498,000     

COMPLETION: November 2020     DURATION: 11 weeks


  • Drainage works including removal of redundant drainage from previous scheme; laying of new carrier and filter drains with new manholes and catchpits; alterations to existing manholes; infilling redundant 900 dia. pipe and manholes with foamed concrete; remedial works to existing old clay pipes
  • Earthworks including raising levels with capping materials, sub-base and topsoiling with site won materials
  • Kerbing
  • Resurfacing of Dalton Lane and property accesses including cold milling of existing pavement
  • Installation of temporary post and wire fencing
  • Installation of permanent post and 5 rail fencing
  • Landscaping including grass seeding and planting of new hedging


  • Considerable vehicular traffic off the A168 accessing the nearby business estate, so disruption had to be kept to a minimum with Traffic Management planned to prevent tailbacks onto the A168
  • The road area was within a flood plain so works that could have been affected by flooding were programmed early with sufficient time / risk allowance to minimise disruption if flooding occurred


  • Pipe bursting was value engineered and substituted with pipe liner to provide financial saving to the client and to speed up the works
  • In-house surfacing gangs on hand to maintain flexibility and programme
  • Significant planning undertaken with quarries and haulage contractors to ensure that they could supply materials for the one week road closure works
  • Our bespoke commercial tracker for Compensation Events /Early Warnings/Project Manager Instructions was utilised to ensure key dates were achieved and to provide cost certainty for our client
  • Liaison with local farmers to ensure that access was maintained at crucial times for them
  • Stockpiling of materials to minimise disruption from potential unavailability of materials


  • Weekend working was implemented for planning, tarmac and white lining operations to minimise disruption as the road was considerably quieter at the weekends
  • A full road closure for final surfacing works and lining was set for the October half term, this road closure could not be altered  


  • The window for the one week road closure period was achieved
  • Traffic flows maintained with minimum disruption to road users
  • No accidents or incidents with the general public
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