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CLIENT: Cumbria County Council    VALUE: £725,000     COMPLETION: September 2013   

DURATION: 16 weeks    CONTRACT: NEC 3 Option B

Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty the work included the construction of 2 timber bridges over 2 separate water courses and was subject to a Flood Defence Consent from the Environment Agency and working strictly within their parameters to avoid any acts of pollution.

The cycletrack is situated next to a Roman Mile fortlet and Elizabethan saltpans and as such required a constant watching brief from a resident archaeologist and required special attention so as not to disturb any archaeology which was of national importance.

A watching brief and precautions in association with Natural England was also put into place to protect the local fauna and flora as Natterjack toads and other reptiles were present on the site.

Part of the track was subject to a ground consolidation using a break through technique of a non hazardous chemical added to the existing ground to form a stable platform that was then treated with gravel.

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