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Hornington Bridge comprises two arches referred to as East and West. The south spandrel, wingwalls and parapet to the west arch were re-built following vehicular damage and also partially realigned. A section of the west parapet to the west arch was rebuilt. The south parapet to the east arch was also rebuilt. Bank scour protection was installed and the road re-surfaced.

CLIENT: North Yorkshire County Council    VALUE: £51,000     COMPLETION: February 2022      

DURATION: 4 weeks    CONTRACT: NEC 3 Option A


  • Temporary designed scaffold spandrel support and access
  • Excavation to rear of spandrel wall and install concrete backing 1m deep on new foundations
  • Rebuild stone wall, using reclaimed stonework supplemented with new to match; tie into concrete backing with stainless steel ties
  • Re-align part of wall to help prevent future vehicular collisions
  • Install rock armour scour protection
  • Plane out and re-surface using our own in-house surfacing team
  • Remodel and re-seed banking
  • Install timber fencing


  • Pedestrian access had to be maintained for the public at all times through the working area
  • The bridge is located within a flood plain and on one occasion, after heavy rainfall, flooded our working area. However, we were given an early warning notification by the EA and so could ensure that the site was left in a safe condition
  • Pollution prevention to a main river
  • Cast iron water main located within excavation area. Upon exposure it was found to have a historic fracture which needed to be repaired by United Utilities


  • Masonry wall rebuilding undertaken by our own directly employed masons, which gives us certainty on the quality of the finished product
  • Surfacing works undertaken by our own in-house team ensuring timescales can be maintained
  • We undertook liaison with Ubited Utlitlies and maintained pressure on them to ensure that the water main could be repaired in time to prevent major delay to the contract completion date


  • No accidents
  • No pollution incidents
  • Minimal delay to completion date despite issues with the water main and flooding which took several days to subside
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