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3km cycleway between Gosforth and Seascale in West Cumbria. This scheme was on an extremely busy access road into / out of the Sellafield Nuclear Complex.

CLIENT: Carlisle City Council     VALUE: £500,000     COMPLETION: July 2017     

DURATION: 18 weeks     CONTRACT: NEC 3


  • Deliveries were timed to avoid peak traffic at shift changes.
  • Temporary traffic signals were used to control traffic and provide a safe working area.
  • Landowners were kept informed throughout to enable farm tasks to continue throughout the contract period.


Design should be developed by the client as far as possible prior to commencement on site to prevent delays and ensure cost certainty for the client.

Stakeholder meetings should be held as soon as possible and ideally prior to commencement on site to enable any ambiguities to be resolved so that delays on site do not occur.


The local Parish Council and end users are happy with the scheme which has enabled the villages of Gosforth and Seascale to be safely linked together.

Public safety has been improved as cyclists and walkers no longer have to use this busy route out of Sellafield.

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